The Awakened Woman Circle
2021 Retreat

Day 1 

Q’orianka Cornejo: 00:18:10

Louis Reed: 01:14:00

Monick Halm: 02:16:00

Marin Bach-Antonson: 03:15:53
Adriana Rizzolo: 04:15:50

Gabriella Taylor: 05:16:58

Missy Strasner: 06:17:07

Day 1 VIP Q&A

Day 2

Dionne Ruff-Sloan: 00:17:57
Suzy Finnefrock: 01:24:14

Astara Jane Ashley: 02:18:59
Rebecca Whitman: 04:19:35

Anna Garcia: 05:19:14

Georgia Foster: 06:18:43


Day 2 VIP Q&A

Day 3

Hemalayaa Behl: 00:00:26
Suraya Erikkson: 01:09:00

Lauren Leigh Henry: 02:02:37

Rima Bonario: 03:02:17

Maria Tolstykh: 03:54:14

Joyce Rockwood: 04:07:18

Feather Rose Marie: 04:57:50

Day 3 VIP Q&A

Are you ready to continue on the path of your sacred homecoming, beautiful?

Let me share with you who this work of The Awakened Woman was carefully curated for.

I see YOU sister…

You are a woman on a mission with a deep desire to finally heal, so that you can stop playing small and start sharing your authentic gifts with the world.

Going deeper is for you if: